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Our unique story began in 1976.  Dan and Lea Sullivan were living in a subdivision in Indianapolis.  As a child, Dan grew up on a farm and longed to return to farming. Lea, on the other hand, had always lived in the city. After some convincing (and maybe a little groveling), Lea agreed to consider living on a farm.  She only had two conditions to seal the deal.  She wanted a Great Dane and an Arabian stallion. The deal was made and Lea acquired Rufus, a Great Dane of questionable origin, and Rabiel, a yearling Arabian Stallion.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Lea’s love affair with Great Danes began in earnest aided and abetted by Rufus. Rufus was a very gentle, loyal and loving dog. Lea would hold out her hand and Rufus would take it in his mouth and away they would go. Several years later, we acquired our first female. From that point on, we started studying all of the various aspects of the breed from conformation to healthy living and growing with the goal of producing puppies that would become gentle, healthy, long-lived companions espousing all of the wonderful qualities of the breed.

Later, we developed a similar interest in the Irish Wolfhounds. There are a great number of similarities between the two breeds. Both are extremely gentle, loving and loyal dogs.

We have produced a number of champions over the years but our emphasis has always been on providing our clients a healthy, loving companion that looks like, thinks like, and acts like the finest examples of the breed.  Our dogs are like family to us and we cherish the memories we make with them.  We take great pride and passion in providing others with the same opportunity to make precious life memories.

Over 40 years of professional breeding experience – no line breeding, only champion stock.

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